Design Services


The word "design" encompasses so many different things. Our particular definition of design centers around the communication of ideas. Businesses that sell products need to inform their customers about what their products do and how they will help the user. To do this, they have to present the product in a way that is easy to understand and accurately represents the need the product is intended to satisfy. Tangency Designs wants to help you communicate your ideas as clearly as possible. By using a mix of 3D modeling, photorealistic rendering and 3D animations we are able to help you paint the much needed picture.

3D Modeling

We think about 3D modeling as an extension of the way we interpret the world. When we see machines, consumer products, sculptures, or anything with form for that matter, we think about how it would be built as a 3D model. The power in 3D modeling is that it allows us to represent any physical object from the material world into the digital world of 3D model space. Also, an idea doesn't have to live solely in your head because we can bring it to life without needing any material goods. We want to help you communicate your ideas visually and to be able to share them with others. Our many years of 3D modeling experience have honed our ability to create models that are nearly exact representations of the parts you intend to create.

Photorealistic Rendering

Along with creating your 3D model we can take it one step further by adding texture, color, and lighting to the models to create stunningly realistic images that often are hard to tell from the real thing. This allows you to see what your designs will look like in their finished state as well as giving you the ability to show your customers or investors the final vision for your products. The idea of visualizing your goals has never been more true. We can create images for you in many different formats for use on marketing material, websites, and social media. Take a look at our gallery for examples of our capabilities.

3D Animations

An animation of a 3D model or assembly is a way to show a dynamic process in a visual way. Often, a product relies on a movement to work, but it's difficult to describe the mechanism. Our ability to animate a mechanism, or the assembly of a group of parts gives you a way to communicate without requiring language. The animations speak for themselves, and we'll help them do the talking.