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Prototyping and Fabrication

Through a partnership with a local community based workshop, we have the capability to create functional prototypes for your designs and ideas. Our capabilities include: woodworking, CNC and manual machining, welding, laser cutting, mold making, 3D printing, and electronics. 

Prototype geodesic dome grill

Prototype geodesic dome grill

Metal Fabrication

Our experience in heavy industry manufacturing and time spent under the welding hood have given us the ability to create products, structures, or artistic pieces out of metal. We specialize in weldment designs with structural steel, but can accommodate designs in sheet metal as well. If your project requires machined parts we can handle light projects or farm out more complex projects to our network of qualified machinists.

Laser Cutting

One of the most versatile prototyping tools is the laser cutter. We have really put in some hours using the machines and have the ability to create some pretty spectacular project with the laser. We have built mockups for sheet metal design, acrylic enclosures, drone frames, and many other things. Feel free to ask us questions if you think this process may be required for your project.

Heavy cardstock laser cut and glued for a prototype lamp design.


Not only can we fabricate some of the parts for your projects, we can also do the full assembly of your mechanisms. First, we use 3D CAD to digitally assemble your project so when we go to build the real thing, we don't run into fit-up issues. Either purely mechanical systems or electromechanical systems suit our portfolio well as our engineering staff is well versed in many applications.